Thunderkick is back! Not that the innovative Scandinavian slots studio ever went anywhere. Unless they hopped across the pond to “research” the super-playable Turning Totems Slot. A five reel, 11 pay-line Online slot game that pays both ways. No awards for guessing the subject of this slot – totem poles, incredibly visual and symbolic structures native to North American tribes that mean plenty to them, and now also to us.


Five totems make up our five reels, set against a desert backdrop and accompanied by an excitable young Native American. Atop of each totem sits a bird, with each of the three totems that form the pole forming our game symbols. As this slot’s title suggests, when we spin our “reels” we turn our totems, with various coloured Icon game symbols appearing around the totem poles. Naturally, landing connecting Icons in winning combinations along the 11 pay-lines bring us the wins we seek from this pays-both-ways native adventure.

In a shaman-like twist, Turning Totems Slot features Wild symbols and Sleeping Wilds. Our Wild symbols are eagles with a lightning W streaked across its chops, while sleeping Wilds are plain wooden eagles with its wings over its eyes. They are polar opposites not only visually, but also in that the Wild symbols are our highest-paying game symbol, while the Sleeping Wilds make up the game’s lowest-payers. These Sleeping Wilds can be transformed into full Wilds when we land Thunder Snakes symbol, our keys to the Turning Totems bonus feature.


Landing a Thunder Snake symbol across any of the five totems transforms that totem into a Thunder Reel. This clearly jolts awake the bird at the top of the reel as it sparks into life and hovers above. We need three Thunder Reels to launch the Free Spins bonus game, but should we land one Thunder Snake the Thunder Reel will be held for a re-spin. There are no Sleeping Wilds on a Thunder Reel – all those asleep are suddenly awakened into full blown Wilds. And in this vein, when we have landed the requisite number of Thunder Snakes to activate the bonus feature, all five totems transform into Thunder Reels.

With five Thunder Reels activated there are no Sleeping Wilds present during the bonus feature, opening up plentiful opportunities for bountiful wins in this pays-both-ways pay structure. The bonus game also sees the onset of rain, and it all becomes clear! That’s what our excitable young Native is dancing about – he has come to these Turning Totems in search of the bounty of rain, while we have come in search of the bounty of coins. It is a sweet game-play touch from Thunderkick, bringing into focus what we really value.


Turning Totems Slot is set to be another smash hit from Thunderkick. The studio has come up trumps again with a lively visual treat that turns value on its head, while also delivering plenty enough win potential to make Turning Totems a slot that we will turn to again and again.