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5 Reasons Slots Innovations Won’t Stop At Megaways

It seems that every slot developer is releasing Megaways slots like they’re going out of fashion. Which, of course, they aren’t. No sooner than NetEnt released Gonzo’s Quest Megaways – arguably the most anticipated slot release in a decade – than Big Time Gaming upped the ante with Star Clusters Megaclusters, a Cluster Pays-style slot […]

All Slots Point To Megaways™

In 2016 an independent online slots developer released a slot that would change the face of slots forever. The slot in question would go on to become the most spun online game of 2017, raising eyebrows and making every slot fan rush to their favourite online casino. Certainly here at Casino Kings we saw the […]

Online Casinos Welcome eSports Into Their Offering

Thinking back to when you were a teenager, playing Street Fighter II, Call of Duty or FIFA on your console or computer of choice, would you ever have dreamed that one day you could bid to win championship prizes by playing those games you loved in front of thousands of people? Such has been the […]

Gambling Responsibly At Casino Kings

At Casino Kings, we understand how fun and exhilarating it is to gamble. Which is why we offer such a variety of online slots and casino classics. But more importantly, we also understand the importance of gambling responsibly. By ensuring that you stay safe, play within your limits and are responsible when it comes to […]

Slots And Casino Big Hitters Smash ICE 2020

The new year is well and truly underway for the slots and casino game industry. ICE 2020 is the first major iGaming event of the year, and this year was even more of an event than it has ever been. For slots developers and casino houses the world over, ICE Totally Gaming is traditionally the […]

What We Really Do While Our Boss Thinks We’re Working

Find out what British workers like to do while skiving off work, whether it’s spending over an hour on YouTube at their desk or sitting on the toilet on WhatsApp Key Findings UK businesses are losing £300bn every year as workers skive off work 1 in 5 of workers admitted skiving off work for over […]

Battle Of The Credits: Video Games v Movies

We counted thousands of video game and movie titles to see if it now requires more people to create a triple-A video game than a blockbuster movie, and the role micro transactions have potentially played in the growth of the gaming industry. The video game industry now attracts A-list talent to star in its games, […]

How Media Franchises Make Their Money

Casino Kings analysed the world’s highest grossing media franchises that started out as cartoons, films, comic books, video games and other forms of media to find out how they make their money. Scroll down to find out which revenue streams generate the most money for these famous franchises. Stand Out Stats Minecraft has made most […]