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Spinball is a very interesting slot/instant game as on first appearance you’d think it would play a lot like pinball, allowing you to pull the plunger, watch the ball spring into action and control the flippers to keep it earning points. Not quite. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the spin button, along with the betting options. Once you hit that, the ball springs up to the top of the screen, bouncing its way down and then the flippers automatically work, keeping it back in action and pinging around to score more points/coins. Or they don’t. The ball’s journey is essentially the equivalent of a slot’s spin. But you get to watch all the action happen, hear all the pinball associated noises, see the neon colours and, of course, grab some wins along the way. The fact that it’s set against a trippy space background just makes it even more engaging and will bring back memories of that pinball machine in the corner of the arcade.


There isn’t much to say about symbols as Spinball isn’t a conventional slot so doesn’t come with its own symbols. Gamers who play instant win games will recognise the mechanism of using the bumpers on the pinball table to score wins from with each hit. Every bumper has its own payout value and each time the ball hits them, you’ll see the scores or wins pop up on screen, notifying you how much you’ve won.


You might have thought it would be difficult to apply bonus features to a pinball-inspired slot. Not for Tom Horn Gaming it isn’t.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation

Just like you get in regular pinball but this time you can’t control them. When they work though, they launch your ball back into action.


The standard pinball bumpers give you between x0.1 and x0.3 your bet.

Left Ramp Booster

When you shoot the ball up this ramp, you’ll earn x0.3 your bet for each concealed bouncer it hits.

Re-launch Spin Eye

At the bottom, near the flippers, you’ll find the Red Spin Eye. When it’s lit and your ball hits it, the ball bounces back up into the game.

Free Spins Path

Get the ball into the top right corner and you can win between one and five Free Spins.

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