The finer reels of life should be fine, and these reels right here are as fine as icing sugar that has been sieved down to stardust. The images are sumptuous and nicely not restricted to the stereotypical fiscal shouts that swamp many slot titles. Sure, winning big money is a key consideration – this is an online slot after all – but the focus of this game is more the things that money can buy rather than the money itself – fine coffee, wines and cheeses, chocolates, liqueurs and cigars. The overall lifestyle is nicely blurred out in a shallow depth of field that gives the reel case a cinematic appeal.

The soundtrack is suave – though it feels like describing it as such is doing it a disservice. It fits perfectly, neither obtrusive nor arresting, and all in-game sounds are given the full attention to detail that the finer things in life deserve. All fonts are finished in a style that MS Word is probably trying to copy as we speak. And naturally finished in gold leaf.


The game logo Wild substitutes for all symbols and doubles all wins, while the Wild Celebration feature triggers randomly turning up to five reels wild. I’m thinking triggering a wild celebration at our keyboards while it’s at it.

The Wild celebrations won’t stop there. With the Finer Features, err…feature – triggered when we land three, four or five Bonus Gold Stars – we have potentially exponential direct access to the finer things the game alludes to. Each time we trigger this bonus feature we unlock a deeper, greater reward. First up it’s the Coffee & Chocolate Bonus, awarding 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier, then the next time we trigger the feature we launch into the Wine & Cheese Bonus, awarding 15 free spins with Wild Wine feature and re-triggering free spins. After these we move on to Whiskey & Cigars and Champagne & Diamonds. How far can Microgaming take these rewards? Well, all I know is that there are 20 stars along the Finer Features Bonus Bar. You do the math.


The lavish artwork and sound score make this slot the gaming equivalent of slipping into a jacuzzi, being fed grapes by a beautiful attendant, then having a full hot stone massage before, well…you know. Plus we can walk away with some top dollar to boot. I’m feeling fine already.

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