Immortal Romance is one of the most popular online slot games that Microgaming has ever released; a company with a track record that stretches back a quarter of a century, and more than 1,200 online casino games to its credit. Any slot riding high in this portfolio, with this crew, has to be worth a spin. In recent years, Microgaming has swallowed up scores of canny online gaming software development houses; ‘we love your work – we’re buying you’. Ironically, the thirsty consumption of rivals is pretty much the plotline for Immortal Romance.

In February 2022, Microgaming flogged off its online games portfolio and distribution business to the newly formed Games Global Limited. GGL now has 50 creative studios under its control. Both businesses still operate from the Isle of Man. Politics and business undulations aside, Immortal Romance is an online slot that perfectly demonstrates why so many businesses are keen to partner up with Microgaming. Here’s hoping that GGL can maintain the quality control. So… let’s sharpen those fangs and taste this five-reel online slot, to discover what it is about Immortal Romance that has the undead scratching the dirt and spinning for the big one.

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Immortal Romance Slot – Look and Feel

Immortal Romance – the Look & Feel
"Immortal Romance is a triumph of ambition. This is an online slot with a bespoke ballad; a song that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Celine Dion concert."

Immortal Romance was first released in 2011 and enjoyed a Microgaming makeover in 2020; “remastered”, “enhanced”, and “upgraded”, according to COO Andrew Clucas. The game opens with a feature splash screen. Sombre piano music sets the tone; a twinkle of Twilight, with a smattering of strings. The game sits in a classic 5 x 3 grid. The reels hovering in a grand hall. It’s all very moody and mysterious.

Visually, the game is like a slightly cheesy graphic novel. Considering it’s been revamp(ired), the design is a little underwhelming. The characters all look they starred in 1990s teen soap. When you hit a winning payline, they animate; showing off their dental work and transforming into their vampiric alter egos. There are some really nice hidden touches though. When you click on an icon, it reveals the potential win based on your stake; a handy little feature.

There are four main characters in the game: Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah. If you click through to the Immortal Romance pay table and information, you can discover brief biographies of all the characters. It all adds a little back story to the game, read by a professional actor, elevating this online slot. If the game design is average at best, the audio is top drawer. Every aspect of the soundscape is considered. When the reels spin, there’s a gentle hum. Hit a winner and the strings kick in. It’s all very dramatic. If you manage to hit the bonus round, you get to hear the online slot’s unique song: In the Dead of Night by (character) Amber. It’s not going to win any Grammys but it’s not bad for an in-game online slot song.

How To Play Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is 243 ways to win game. Any three or more adjacent symbols, starting on the first reel from left to right, is a winning combination. Simple. Betting starts at 30p a spin, up to a maximum of £30. As it’s 243 ways to win slot, you make only one bet. There are no payline bet options.

On the main screen are options for both autoplay and turboplay. There is also a link to the paytable, which has all the information you need about the game, including character biographies. There are several bonus features in the game; more on these below.

Immortal Romance Symbols

Immortal Romance – Symbols

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It’s all very gothic, when it comes to the iconography of Immortal Romance. Card ranks – 9 to ace – are the base game symbols. Next up: a glass of red wine and an image of the family castle. Five of the latter is worth 10x your stake. We then head into the cast of characters. Sarah is the vampire with the most bite. Just three of her is worth 10x. As for Amber: she may have sung the game’s theme song but she’s the lightweight in this quartet. Don’t tell her agent.

True to form, the Immortal Romance online slots has both a wild and a scatter. The game’s wild is the title logo; the scatter, a lion’s head door knocker. Five wilds are worth 50x your bet and a quintet of scatters will have you running to the bank, with 200x your total stake. Wild wins are all doubled.

In Summary

Immortal Romance is a triumph of ambition. This is an online slot with a bespoke ballad; a song that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Celine Dion concert. It has a bonus scheme that demands loyalty, and a cast of characters with detailed back stories.

It’s arguably the world’s first online slot saga. Does it work? Well, one revamp and more than ten years spinning its vampiric tale of lust, blood, and love, suggests it does. In addition to that, developers Neko have also recently completed a video bingo version of the game. So, yes… the Immortal Romance is living up to its name. Still very much alive and enjoying the clicks. Lift up that coffin lid and take a peak today.

Immortal Romance Bonuses

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Games in the Chamber of Spins

Immortal Romance is an ambitious game. Part of its appeal is in the narrative, where it uses characters to encourage extended game play. The Chamber of Spins is four different bonuses: Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah.

Amber is 10 free spins, with wins multiplied 5x. Troy is 15 free spins, with a vampire bat feature that randomly turns symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers. Michael is 20 free spins, with rolling reels awarding consecutive multiplied wins. Finally, we have Sarah: 20 free spins and wild vine feature that transforms symbols into extra wilds. All gravy.

These are all progressive bonuses. You have to advance through the Chamber of Spins to unlock them. You start with Amber and work forward from there. Good luck.

Wild Desire Feature

If luck is on your side, you may not have to plough your way through the Chamber of Spins to pocket a big win. The Wild Desire Feature pops up randomly, potentially turning up to five reels wild on a single spin.

Immortal Romance Slot FAQs

Immortal Romance is an intriguing online slot game by Microgaming, themed around a captivating vampire narrative. Drawing elements from pop-culture favorites like Twilight and Anne Rice’s literature, it offers players an immersive gaming experience. The game stands out with its mix of compelling character-driven plot, intricate bonuses, and engaging audio-visual elements.

The game features four main characters: Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah. Each character comes with a unique backstory which players can explore in the game’s pay table and information section. These characters also play a significant role in the game’s bonus feature, The Chamber of Spins.

Immortal Romance has several bonus features. One of them is the “Chamber of Spins” which contains four different bonuses named after the game’s characters. For instance, Amber’s bonus offers 10 free spins with wins multiplied 5x. The game also has a “Wild Desire Feature” which can randomly turn up to five reels wild on a single spin.

Immortal Romance stands out due to its narrative-driven gameplay and immersive audio-visual experience. It features a unique song, “In the Dead of Night” by the character Amber, detailed character biographies, and a bonus scheme that demands player loyalty. It is also one of the few online slot games to be adapted into a video bingo version.

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