Jewel Strike is a solid slot but definitely one of the less interesting games in the Blueprint Gaming portfolio. There are more than 150 games, including The Goonies, Deal or No Deal, Maradona, as well as games themed on Viz, Sausage Party, and the Carry-On films.

Jewel Strike Slot Look and Feel

Jewel Strike Gameplay
Jewel Strike Gameplay

Play Jewel Strike Slot Now

"Should you go Epic? Is the Colossal Reel just one spin away? Should I increase my ante and go for the big bucks? These are the slot-related questions, you don’t normally need to ask and Jewel Strike is all the better for them."

The clue is in the name. The Jewel Strike online slot is full of jewels: red ones, green ones, yellow, purple and blue. Everything is shiny and bright. The reels are framed in ornate silver, sat on top of a red miasma. Everything also feels a little dated. The game font looks like it’s been lifted from the medieval upgrade pack for a dungeons and dragons board game.

The colour palette is also a masterclass in retro. It’s the kind of swatch you’d expect to see when the slightly dodgy funfair comes to town. Head for the ghost train and there is is: garish hues that really light up when the UV hits them.

Jewel Strike comes in the familiar 5 x 3 format. When the game launches, a quiz show-style theme kicks in and you are introduced to the world of Epic and Standard spins. This is the only time you hear this music.

The Jewel Strike audio is par for the course, with keyboard licks stolen from a Phil Collins greatest hits album.  When you spin the reels, the Level 42-style chord varies in pitch. A winning payline, rewarded with a sonic twinkle and the sound of a cash register.

How To Play Jewel Strike Slot

Jewel Strike is a deceptively simple game to play. Like most online slots, you hit the spin button and hope for the best. However, this game does not have a bonus round. Instead, you have to choose between two different types of game play: standard or epic. More on this below. On the main screen, the layout is basic and utilitarian. You can set and adjust your stake, using simple up and down arrows. Another link connects to the audio mute, as well as the pay-outs and the rules of the game. The final option is the button that flips the game play between epic and standard.

Jewel Strike pays out on any three adjacent symbols, on any reels. They must be adjacent both vertically and horizontally, in either direction. This creates 10 possible paylines. There is also a colossal symbol that occasionally puts in an appearance across three reels, immediately guaranteeing a juicy win.

We tested a demo version of the game. It had clearly been modified for modern play, lacking both auto play and turbo mode. This online slot might look a little old fashioned but it’s bags of fun to play.

Jewel Strike Slot Symbols

Jewel Strike Symbols
Jewel Strike Symbols

Play Jewel Strike Slot Now

Jewel Strike is an online slot that effectively comes with two different sets of symbols. When you play the standard spins, the base game icons are the classic card rankings from 10 to ace.

If you manage to hit a row of five ten, Jacks, or Queens, you get 100x your line bet (note: line bet – not total stake). If you line up Kings and Aces, you get 200x.

When we move into the jewels, the rewards get better. Green emeralds and blue sapphires pay 300x on a line bet, if you get five in a row. A quintet of adjacent rubies is worth 400x your line bet. The crème de la crème is the yellow diamond. Five of these, on adjacent reels, earns you 5,000x your line bet.

It’s worth remembering: You get paid for every adjacent line. A 3 x 3 block of identical symbols pays out in 10 different directions.

Our Verdict

You could be forgiven for thinking that we didn’t like Jewel Strike. All these heavily unionised gems demanding better working conditions and equal pay. You would be wrong. What this game lacks in fluff and feature, it makes up for in gameplay and gamble.

Should you go Epic? Is the Colossal Reel just one spin away? Should I increase my ante and go for the big bucks? These are the slot-related questions, you don’t normally need to ask and Jewel Strike is all the better for them.

Yes – the keyboard flourishes make Rick Wakeman seem good. Yes, the game design looks like a first-year student’s bedroom wall. Yes, it’s kinda cheesy and a bit naff. But, it’s genuinely fun to play, seems to have a high volatility, and the promise of a colossal event keeps you hanging on. We like it. You will too.

Jewel Strike Bonuses

The Jewel Strike online slot has no bonus round or free games. It has two noteworthy features: variable game modes and an occasional colossal reel.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Colossal Reels

A quick shout out to the Colossal Reel. Every now and again, in Standard gameplay, a gigantic gem will roll into life, immediately giving you a multi-line set of three, and opening up the possibility of a four or five symbol combo. It’s good news.

Standard or Epic Spins

Basically: if you choose Standard mode, you get the full set of icons, including the 10, Jack and Queen. You also get a chance to roll in the colossal reel. We have to say, it was not a frequent visitor during our testing.

If you go Epic, you lose the colossal reel, but you also lose the bottom three icons. Your odds of hitting a winning combo are much higher. However: it comes at a price. Epic mode gameplay costs 5x standard gameplay. Is it worth it? That’s your call.

Jewel Strike Slot FAQs

There are some great prizes on offer here but the biggest prize that you can win is 5000 times your stake.

The RTP on Jewel Strike Slot is 96.1%

Yes, there are games such as King Kong Cash and El Jackpotto.

Yes, it is possible to play the demo version of Jewel Strike – though you will need to register with us before you can play our demo version.

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