Each year, somebody dressed in red travels around the world giving gifts of joy to all boys and girls. And as much as we’d like to think that it’s Father Christmas, we know that it’s actually NetEnt. They might not actually be dressed in red and breaking into houses but they make their way onto our screens with epic Christmas-based Slots, just like it has with Jingle Spin Slot, a five reel, 20 payline game that fills us with Christmas cheer, anytime of the year.


To say that Jingle Spin has a festive feel to it would be a major understatement. This slot screams Christmas, but not in the traditional sense of candy canes, elves, Santa and reindeers. There’s no Christmas cheese here. Instead, an almost steampunk version of Santa appears on the right of the reels, pulling the lever as we spin away. Atop each reel is a cheeky looking elf, waiting for Santa to land his wheel of fortune on a special bauble.

Below the elves, in the reel case, a range of decorations nestle festively. Pinecones, Reindeers, Orange and Cinnamon Sticks, Baubles and the Royal Cards. Mmmmh. You can almost smell them coming off the reels. Each of the symbols have a hook on top, ready and waiting to be part of a winning combination and put on top of the tree. With festive music playing in the background, Santa cranking his gears, this is how we reckon his workshop really works.


This is where Jingle Spin gets really interesting. On Santa’s Christmas bauble wheel, we see various baubles as the name suggests. If the wheel lands on one, it’s sprung up to the elf on the fifth reel. After each spin, this elf passes it to the one on his left. Each bauble triggers a different bonus when we land a Wild underneath the elf holding a bauble. For instance, if it’s got its tiny little paws (Paws? Hands? Gimlets?) on the Spreading Wild bauble and the Wild appears in the reel below then the Spreading Wild feature activates, turning all adjacent and diagonal symbols Wild. The baubles come in all shapes and sizes, but mainly Free Spins, Coin Win and Surprise, along with the Spreading Wild, each of which can help us towards winning up to 473.75 times our stake.


With each spin of the reels on NetEnt’s Jingle Spin slot, we feel as if we’re helping Santa do something. We’re not sure what. Is it decorating? Wrapping presents? Nope. It’s mainly passing the bauble until it falls into our Wild laps and serves up immense rewards. And that’s what Christmas is all about. Though, saying that, due to the quirky nature of this slot, we don’t have to restrict our playing time to December. It’s something we can enjoy all year round and, with wins quickly mounting up, why wouldn’t we?

Jingle Spin Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 20 5 0.2 200 1 10 96.48% 10,000 2018