Not surprisingly, this is the work of online casino gaming software developers and pioneers NetEnt. The Swedish company set the online gaming space alight, when it introduced a 16th century Spanish conquistador called Gonzo to the world. Gonzo’s Quest set a new benchmark for what was possible with a slot; animations, interaction, character development, and a genuinely entertaining narrative. It put Gonzo and NetEnt squarely on the map. Jumanji takes that torch and runs with it. If you rewatch the classic 1995 Robin Williams film, which the slot is based on, you can see it has not aged well. The digital FX really show their age, compared to the seamless standard set today. The online slot, however, is fit for jungle duty. Let’s roll those dice and see where it takes us…

Jumanji Slot Look and Feel

Jumanji Slot Gameplay
Jumanji Slot Gameplay

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"The Jumanji slot is a perfect example of how you can use technology to elevate a game. The game play is amazing. "

Everything about the Jumanji slot is on the money. The reels sit in a quirky 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 configuration, enclosed by the Jumanji board game. It’s all set in the centre of a dimly lit room. In the movie, the game was discovered in a derelict house. Basically: that’s the vibe.

Graphically, the design is wonderfully detailed. The icons are beautifully drawn and the formatting of the fonts is all true to the Jumanji source. When you spin the reels, there are subtle animations: monkeys playing in the corner, a giant mosquito buzzing around, flickering candles.

However, it’s the audio that is the real star of the show. The distant jungle drums were key to the movie; playing when the board game opened. In the slot, the drums are cleverly paced – accelerating and increasing with the game play. Add some distant jungle sound effects to the mix and you have all the ingredients you need. There are no throwaway, generic, fruit machine bells and noises here.

This is a well-designed, considered, good-looking online slot, that submerges itself in the source material. Even the slider on the information page is a small dice. That’s attention to detail. If there was one criticism, it is a little dark and dingy. The answer: play it in the dark and not in a brightly lit office (Doh!).

How To Play Jumanji Slot


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The Jumanji slot packs in 25 paylines, paying from left to right. There is no option to play them individually. You play them all with every spin. You can, however, adjust your total stake by altering either the game level multiplier – from one to 10, or by simply increasing your coin value. You can check the total bet amount under the spin button.

The demo game comes with both auto play and turbo options. These may not be available on more recent versions of the game, due to regulation. On the main screen, there is also a link that reveals detailed information about the game’s bonuses, features, paylines, and more.

In the main game, there are four random features to hunt down, if you are lucky: Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, and Wild Stampede. They are all beautifully animated and orchestrated. Animals swing, stampede, and splash onto the screen, flipping wilds and bringing the money. The Jumanji slot has a pretty high Return to Player of 96.33%. Its volatility is billed as ‘low’ but that is definitely debatable. Our demo play game saw the pot soar, with lots of on-screen action. It’s good.

Jumanji Slot Symbols

Jumanji Slot Bonuses
Jumanji Slot Bonuses

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Pretty much, the entire cast of wild animals from the Jumanji movie gets a look in, on this online slot. The base game icons are card rankings, from jack to ace. Next up, we have the giant pelican, the crocodile, and the rhino. The regular game jackpot icon is the king of the jungle: the lion, paying out at 140x.

There is also a wild symbol and a scatter. The latter is represented by the actual Jumanji board game. Three of these activates the board game bonus. More on this below. All the iconography and symbols are spot on. There are no shortcuts here, no compromise on quality.

Our Verdict

Do we need to say more? Jumanji really is as good as it gets. The perfect blend of content and technology. Created with real care and attention, this is a benchmark in online slot design. It does things that no mechanical slot can possibly do and genuinely entertains. If you want to experience the apotheosis of online casino software development, and have a soft spot for movies featuring Robin Williams, Jumanji is a jungle worth exploring. Grab that pith hat, slip into the khaki, and get ready for an adventure.

Jumanji Slot Bonuses

The Jumanji slot comes with one spectacular bonus called simply: Board Game. To get your hands on the dice, you need to hit at least three scatter symbols.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Random Features

Sticky Vines – If you land symbols that form a winning combination, they will stick to the reels before the other reels re-spin which means more winning symbols can be added.

Monsoon Wilds – One or two of the reels become wild reels

Monkey Mayhem – The symbols will shuffle randomly, leaving you with a winning combination that guarantees a prize!

Wild Stampede – Rhinos stomp across the reels, leaving them spinning where anything between 4 and 9 wild symbols are added to the reels.

Board Game Features

It is worth playing the Jumanji online slot, just so you can try your luck at the Board Game bonus. The bonus round starts with you choosing one of four tokens. If you hit three scatters, you get six dice rolls; four scatters, seven dice rolls; five scatters, eight dice rolls.

Now, you simply roll the dice and hope for the best. All the squares have different values and features. You can win Vines Free Spins, Monkey Free Spins, Monsoon Free Spins, or Stampede Free Spins.

If you land on one of these, the board game pauses and you enter free spin mode. Each of the above has a different set of wild rules: sticky, full reel, etc. When the free spins finish, it’s back to the board game.

You can also hit simple Coin Wins and Extra Rolls, or you could land the Mystery Feature containing all manner of goodies. In a word: it’s a lot of fun and a feature you should definitely try and hit.

Jumanji Slot FAQs

There is an excellent jackpot on offer as it enables you to win as much as 504 times your stake.

Yes, this is an official licensed game version of the Jumanji film.

Yes, there are plenty of bonus features which can give you lots of free spins to take advantage of.

Yes, you can play a demo version, giving you the chance to find out what the game is all about before parting with your cash!

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