Whether you’re a fan of the original or a fan of the recent remake, this Jumanji slot is filled with magical surprises. Based on the film, you can be sure that you’ll get a mystical and exciting experience when playing this slot from NetEnt. It has a number of surprises up its sleeves and that makes the Jumanji slot a must-play for anyone looking to discover something new and intriguing!

Jumanji Slot Look and Feel

Open up the game you’re met with a 5 reel slot that is based on the 1995 hit film. It is based around a supernatural board game and just like the players in the film, you’ll find yourself immersed in the Jumanji slot game. So, we thought it would make sense to take a look at the way in which the game is designed and how it feels, so you can get an idea of what to expect!

We have to say that this is a game based on action and comedy and the design looks amazing. It has the look and feel of the actual film with its tiles and board game design. You’ll find your typical jungle-come-Aztec colour and style, which instantly transports you back in time, leaving you feeling as though you are on a property safari. You can expect burnt orange colours and yellows as well as sandstone tiles too.

Fortunately, you won’t have to work too hard to familiarise yourself with this game because everything is easy to find. All you need to worry about is how to spin the reels and that’s what we’re going to cover in the next section!

How To Play Jumanji Slot

If you are eager to get spinning then the good news is that you won’t need too long to learn about where the controls are! Don’t let the design put you off because there is a lot going on but that lends itself to the feel of the game and the mayhem it creates.

Before you spin the reels of the Jumanji slot game, you need to decide how much you want to bet.  Play it safe and bet at 10p a spin or up the stakes and take it up a notch by opting to go for £200 a spin. There are other options in between these two numbers just in case you wanted to bet more than 10p but didn’t want to stretch to £200!

Anyhow, select your bet amount and then you are ready to begin the game. You can set the amount by using the plus and minus but once you have done that, it’s ready to get playing.

The play button is the large green button at the centre of the bottom of the game. Hit that and the reels will begin spinning. If you don’t want the hassle of having to hit the spin button then you can always opt for the autoplay option which will take care of spinning the reels for you!

Jumanji Slot Symbols

This is a game that is packed with symbols and that means that there is a lot to get your head around when it comes to prizes!

The symbols on the reels include the A, K, Q and J which come from playing card symbols and these are the lower paying symbols. The prizes start to increase as you go through the other symbols but you can expect to see the likes of a Pelican, a Crocodile and a Rhino all of which offer 2.5x, 3x and 5x your stake respectively.

Land a Lion and this is where the money gets big because this will pay out 14x your stake which could be a big prize if depending on how much you bet. There is also the Wild symbol which is easy to spot as it actually says the word Wild but this will substitute all other symbols except the scatter symbol.

Jumanji Slot Bonuses

If you have come for bonuses then you are in for a treat because there are 9 bonus features on offer here. Four of them are random and one is a board game that offers four different free spin features while there is a mystery bonus. There is a lot on offer here so let’s take a look at what it all means.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Random Features

Sticky Vines – If you land symbols that form a winning combination, they will stick to the reels before the other reels re-spin which means more winning symbols can be added.

Monsoon Wilds – One or two of the reels become wild reels

Monkey Mayhem – The symbols will shuffle randomly, leaving you with a winning combination that guarantees a prize!

Wild Stampede – Rhinos stomp across the reels, leaving them spinning where anything between 4 and 9 wild symbols are added to the reels.

Board Game Features

If you land three or more scatter symbols, you will be able to roll two dice where you then move a token around the board. If you land 3, 4 or 5 scatter, you will be given either 6, 7 or 8 rolls of the dice. This will allow you to take advantage of either 4 free spins, the mystery feature, extra rolls or cash prizes.

Jumanji Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 36 5 0.2 200 1 10 96.33% 28,000 2018

Jumanji Slot FAQs

What is the jackpot on Jumanji Slot?


There is an excellent jackpot on offer as it enables you to win as much as 504 times your stake.

Is this an official licensed game version of the Jumanji film?


Yes, this is an official licensed game version of the Jumanji film.

Are there free spins available on the Jumanji slot game?


Yes, there are plenty of bonus features which can give you lots of free spins to take advantage of.

Can I play a demo version of Jumanji Slot?


Yes, you can play a demo version, giving you the chance to find out what the game is all about before parting with your cash!