When Pigs Fly Netent will release and develop yet another Online slot that sends pigs into space and uses a revolutionary reel case design with a whopping potential 3125 Ways To Win. Oh wait…pigs are flying! When Pigs Fly Slot is one online game release from NetEnt that will have you strapping on your spacemen outfits and getting ready for weightlessness. In the game, at least.


As we might well expect from a game with this title, the artwork is cartoonish. Our pigs are grinning; our space rockets bulbous. The game design sits somewhere between The Jetsons and Top Cat. The game’s Wild symbol is a big, pink Wild, which fits the theme perfectly, appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and substitutes for all symbols.

When Pigs Fly doesn’t only have a striking theme, but also a striking reel case. The reel case is in the shape of a cross, altogether doing away with the usual rectangular 5×3/4/5 design. “But with effectively fewer rows around the edges of the cross shape doesn’t this limit our chances of winning?” I hear you shriek with alarm. Well, actually no. It’s worth putting that particular pigs might fly myth to bed. When Pigs Fly still boasts a theoretical RTP of 97%, which is on the upper end of the RTP scale. It also offers a x1,000 jackpot, which is not to be sniffed at whether you are porcine, bovine, lupine or gold mine.

And furthermore the reel case expands as we progress on this space age adventure. As we spin the reels and land winning combinations we earn Re-spins in which extra symbols are added, changing the shape of the initial cross to an arrow and finally to the rectangular shape we know and love. A counter to the right of the reel case counts down from 6, so if we land six winning combinations in a row and therefore earn a Re spin each time we will launch the game’s dedicated bonus feature – the Free Spins Feature.


So once we hit six Re-spins we are into When Pigs Fly Free Spins, and treated to a nice piece of animation while we are at it. Our chief flying Pig prepares for blast off and turns our Free Spins dial up to 8. Now we have 8 Free Spins with the entire reel case available, giving us a whopping 3125 Ways To Win! With this system, When Pigs Fly doesn’t have any Scatter symbols – but this is another feature that sets it apart from other online slots.


NetEnt continues to rewrite the online slot rulebook with its brand of game-play-based bonuses. When Pigs Fly is yet another taste of something different, something exotic, something space age…and something porky. Will NetEnt captivate your online gaming imaginations once again? When Pigs Fly they will.

When Pigs Fly Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 3125 N/A 0.01 0.2 1 10 97% 480,000 2015