As we load up Odd One In, we certainly feel like we’re the odd ones in this scenario. We wonder what type of game we’re in for. Then we see the red felted table in front of us and realise instantly that whatever it is, it’s going to be epic. The paytable is right in the middle. Our betting options appear in the form of chips at the bottom of the screen and a stack of cards are ready in the corner. Now it’s time to get stuck in.

What do we have to do? It’s simple. We just place a bet on the combination of two cards that are drawn. Yes. That is it. But while it might not seem like a lot, there’s actually more to this game. There are three rows of betting options presented to us and we can place a bet from as little as 10p all the way up to £/$/€100. And, like Roulette, we can spread our bets and play strategically.


There’s a reason why this game is called Odd One In and that’s because there are no even numbers. We didn’t twig at first until we looked at the paytable and then once that light bulb went off we felt a doff of the cap was due to 1×2 Gaming. The three rows on screen give us different betting options. The top row lets us bet on any big numbers and any numbers combined with suits. The second row lets us bet on doubles, for example five and seven or 17 and 19. The most lucrative row on the bottom gives us the option to bet on single numbers with the highest payout on the number three, paying out a tasty 75:1. The class and sophistication of Roulette kicks in now as we place our bets over the board and decide what moves we’ll make. And if we get a single number, the rewards are bountiful.


While other instant win games are simply a quick spin, scratch or throw of the dice, Odd One game In ramps it up a notch. It’s a skill-based game but with some luck thrown in, letting us create our own strategies and benefit from multiple betting options that keep it fresh, fun and full of funds. And we can play it while eating a cheese and jam sandwich. Mmmh.

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