If you found a bag full of gems, would you immediately consider that experience epic? How about a galaxy full of gems, hurled across to you through a vortex from another dimension? Philosophical quandaries both, all wrapped up neatly in the Epic Gems Casual slot game. This ultra-playable title from casual game dynamos Gamevy that takes us on an interstellar gem-finding mission and will have us floating in zero gravity if not walking on air.


The place? Deep space. The time? Whenever you want. The reason? Gems. Lots of them. Floating about in deep space like Lady Josephine’s collection following the battle of Waterloo. And they are all ours. Well, not quite. Amid these glittering Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and, err, Pink Triangular Gems and Golden Nuggets, lie four mines. They lie, as in lie-in-wait.

Our aim is to collect the jewels, and by collecting them we click them and send them hurtling off to a spinning vortex at the bottom of the screen. We can keep going and going, and with each jewel we collect we see our prize pool increase as reward for our exploits. However, if we uncover any one of the four mines hidden amongst this glittering space canvas then it is game over, our epic deep space adventures brought to a shuddering close by an exploding space mine and the disappearance of our beloved gems.


Our stake in Epic Gems ranges between $/£/€1 – $/£/€10, only changeable before the launch of each game. When we increase our stake per game, we increase our jackpot – tastily and enticingly displayed at the top of our screen. It makes sense that the higher the stake, the higher the jackpot, so our choice is to play for a maximum of $/£/€2,500 or $/£/€25,000.

But it is not only the jackpot that increases with our stake, but also the reward per safe gem that we send into the vortex. If we successfully uncover seven gems we double our stake, with 10% reward for each gem uncovered. Our reward then increases to 25% of our stake, then 50%, 100% and 200%, with our Cash Out option shown enticingly beside the vortex.


Gamevy know how to make incredibly playable casual games, and Epic Gems is among the best of the developer’s catalogue. Instantly playable yet shot through with superb game design and easy betting interface, Epic Gems is a title that will have us dreaming of our very own deep space adventures while making it very easy to achieve them.

Epic Gems Game Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank N/A 5x8 0.50 100.00 1 10 96.5% 100,000 2016