First things first when it comes to Nerves of Steal is the amount to bet. Literally. Before we can get stuck in we’re greeted with a big screen asking us to place our bet. We’re not sweating yet, so we can make our bet before being presented with the main game screen. Five rows of ten columns and a panel on each. Our mission? To uncover the hidden chips underneath. Now that we know this casual game is a high-end spin on Minesweeper, we’re all set.

We get four lives each turn and if we uncover a whole square panel of nothing then it’s goodbye to a life and a decrease in our funds. If we do find a chip however, our lives are filled and our winnings go up. It seems so simple, but there’s definite strategy behind it. You see, we can take our winnings after each successful find. So do we keep on playing to find ten and scoop the ultimate casual gaming jackpot? Or do we bow out with an already impressive sum? It’s a tough choice, but one that keeps this game interesting from start to finish.


Bonuses aren’t always as grand on a casual game as they are on slots but they still do feature to some extent. That doesn’t seem to be the case on Nerves of Steal, though, as the main extra feature is the Next Win, which lets us see the value of the next casino chip hidden. It lets us decide whether or not we’re going to continue our search through the 50 squares or cash out, so it does serve a useful purpose. We also have the option to increase or decrease our betting values easily and we’ll see the subsequent jackpots. For example, a £10 bet has a massive £1,000,000 jackpot if we find all ten chips so it’s nice to have that intuitive reminder as we play. Although when we don’t win it serves as a reminder of what could have been, and spurs us onto the next victory.


It’s glitzy, it’s glamorous and it’s quick and easy to play. And, unlike other casual games, Nerves of Steal actually makes us think. So for those out there who reckon they’re the next Minesweeper mastermind, perhaps this is the game for you. And for everybody else who just enjoys fun casual gaming with the prospect of pocketing a tidy mil, then this also is the game for you.

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