Firstly, you simply have to play this slot-come-casual game with the sound up. It is epic. (Of course, you don’t have to. But once you’ve heard it you will realise that you should and won’t want to compromise. At all.) It’s a cross between 80s computer games and European techno. Gamevy should release their casual game soundtracks – they would clean up.

7Up! Features seven game boards, or lines, arranged vertically and each containing three symbols. Here we are talking classic slots symbols all done out in fantastic neon. Fruits of all kinds make up our lower-paying symbols, while we start to see bigger multipliers when we hit the Horseshoes, Shamrocks, Diamonds, Bells, BARs and 7s. Prizes sit at the end of each line.

If we match three symbols, we win the prize for that given line. Simple. The default setting assumes we wish to play all seven lines at a cost-per-line basis – our total bet is displayed beneath our set of lines. We can easily toggle either the number of lines we wish to play and our bet-per-line, hitting the PLAY button to launch the game. Not that the game-play is slow – far from it. But if we want to cut right to the chase we can also opt to play in Turbo Mode, which does away with revealing each symbol and simply reveals the whole seven lines and their relevant winning prizes together. Boom!


As with all Gamevy’s casual games (and as is the norm with casual games in general) our bonuses are relative to the amount we bet. The more we bet, the higher our payout multipliers. The maximum payout we can earn per line sits at an impressive x10,000 for landing three 7s. This means landing a top line prize will bag us a cool 100,000 if we are playing at 10.00 per line, and 10,000 when we play at 1.00 per line. Even at 0.02 per line we could still earn a top payout of 200.00 – not bad for what is effectively a 0.14 spin.


7Up!’s game-play is frenetic, the payouts alluring and the soundtrack epic. What more could we ask for from a retro-futuristic casual game that has reinvented the wheel? It’s a heady blend that is sure to have casual game fans and online slots fans alike scrabbling for the PLAY button and nodding along to the beat.

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