Wowsers. In the blink of an eye the summer has been and gone. Not that we noticed. We were way too busy hitting up mobile casino games, notably during Extreme Live Gaming’s Golden Ball Tournament and Extreme Blackjack Marathon. These were two promotions that bookended the month superbly, whetting plenty of Casino Kings players’ whistles. But what about the middle of the month? Well, there was plenty going on there, too. Like Our Cool Fun In The Hot Sun free spins and reload bonus promotion.

Tedsly Does It

We’ve no doubt that plenty of brewskis were consumed while players got on the promo action. Not that drinking brewskis is a must when playing mobile casino games. But is it a must if we’re firing up Blueprint’s excellent Ted mobile slot? If we are channeling Ted’s love of decadence and partying to excess, then yes. This was one slot launched across the Casino Kings web and mobile sites that brought instant attraction from gamers.

Is it Ted’s unique ability to say and do the most inappropriate things with no social barometer that makes him so attractive? And when I say “attractive” I mean as a character. Not in a sexual way, before your imagination runs away with you.

Blueprint’s Psychedelic Bonus Features

Newark-based slots studio, Blueprint Gaming, must have had a ball pitching the ideas for Ted’s bonus games. A big-lover of numerous exciting bonus rounds, Ted weighs in with the Lazer Gun Infectious Wilds, Beer Shuffle, TV Streak, Psychedelic Super Spin, Psychedelic Colossal Spin and Psychedelic Bonus Boost random modifiers. The Wheel of Fortune, Bar Crawl Bonus, S.Mart Free Spins, Ted Free Spins and Ted Big Money Bonus deliver the main bonus action. But one thing is for sure – Blueprint’s game design is fresher than Ted’s head. Must be time for another Brewski…