This game backs up other virtual sports games in Leap’s portfolio like its Virtual Football game, and while that title offers more in terms of statistics and bets, there is still a place for Instant Football as a quicker-play version.

How to Play

Playing virtual sports online isn’t like playing slots online and, in fact, Instant Football gives you even more control than many virtual sports. When we load up the game we arrive at a main dashboard, in which two teams are lining up against each other, pre-match. We have

the option to choose which teams we want to see do battle, and Leap Gaming focuses on the top teams across Europe. If you are a fan of a certain team you might not find yours here. Click change teams until you have found a match you like, then select your bet to the left of the teams.

You can do this either by toggling left and right or by selecting the bet to enter your stake – a quicker option if you want to adjust your stake by a big margin. Main bets are 1×2 (either team to win or a draw), but just as you would have when placing a “real” sports bet you have a wide variety of betting options. Simply click More Bets to access these more nuanced betting types.

Click the Start Match button to begin the game, or to zoom to the result if you have selected Quickplay in your game settings tab.


Unlike when playing online slots, we don’t have game symbols in Instant Football. Instead, the symbols are the teams and players that go head-to-head to battle it out on the pitch. There are 16 top teams from across Europe to choose between, with each team lining up in their official team colours.

The only gripe on that front is that teams don’t have a change kit. While Leap Gaming has done its utmost to ensure no clashes, the yellow away kit of Paris and the yellow home kit of Dortmund pose substantial clashing issues! Slots like NetEnt’s Football Champions Cup don’t have these issues as they don’t strive for realistic representation like Leap Gaming’s virtual sports games.


Payouts in virtual sports games are reliant on the bets you select. Some bets offer higher payouts at higher odds. The higher the odds, the greater risk, though the same can be said of any online casino game.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Double Chance

A double chance bet gives you the fallback of a draw. So if you bet on one team Double Chance, if they win or draw you will earn a payout. These payouts are lower than straight up match bets.

Half Time Result

If you aren’t sure of the full time score but fancy a team to be leading at half time – or a half-time stalemate – you can choose this bet, often at higher odds than a match bet.

Over/Under Bet

Placing an Over bet means you are betting that there will be over an amount of goals in a match. Under bets are the opposite. If you think games will be low or high scoring these bets can provide more value than straight up outright bets.

Correct Score Bet

The highest odds bets available. Predicting the correct score of any football game is tricky, but if you land it you could win payouts of over x100 your stake.

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