What’s not to like about candy? The five reels in this sugary land are decorated with such delightful sweeties it will make you long for a bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix. But at least the reels are all decorated – gummies, dazzles, Love Hearts, Fried Eggs and more. There are plenty of slots out there that fall back on traditional symbols, so it’s nice to see a fresh and zingy twist to our artwork here. The cute ethereal birdsong soundtrack lends a nice touch, which transforms into Candy Crush-esque tunes when we score across the nine paylines – all numbered in Love Hearts on the side of the reel case.


The Love Hearts get it good in this game – the Love Heart is our Wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols and bumps up our base game wins, but there are other bonuses to get our juices flowing.

A kind of purply donut sweet with a blue centre (I’m sure there’s a name for it but 1×2 Gaming don’t provide one so why don’t we make it up – the Purbloo Chew?) launches the free spins bonus feature, but unlike most free spins features we only need one of these bad boys to land in order for it to trigger. Landing one Purbloo Chew grants five free spins, two provides 10 free spins, and up in multiples of five until finding five of these purply blue yummies yields a whopping 25 free spins.

On top of this bonus heaven 1×2 Gaming give us the Haribonus. Aha. Landing five symbols from a combination of Fried Eggs, Strawbs and Cola Bottles pays out 160 coins in one foul swoop. How many penny sweets could we bag with that in our back pockets?


This game has it all. Fun gameplay, playful graphics and sounds and two bonus features that will have you searching through your cupboards for that bag of Pick n’ Mix you left in there last November make sure that you will come back to CandyLand again and again.

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