Despite having three rows of three mini-slot games, it’s not as confusing as it sounds. In fact, Fruity 3×3 is super simple to understand. We can place our total bet by selecting the plus or minus buttons at the bottom left of the screen and then we spin away. As we do, we prepare for fruit juice to squirt in our eyes. That is, to say this slot is juicy is the understatement of the century. All the popular symbols of classic fruit machines make an appearance, including Lemons, Oranges, Cherries, Watermelons, Plumbs, Lucky Sevens and Bars. Mmmh.

So when all the reels spins together on screen, we get a juicy explosion of different colours flashing before our eyes. Then we test our peripheral vision as we watch them all fall into place because in order to win, we need to match three of a kind. And that’s not just three of a kind across a whole row, it’s on each individual reel. But this does happen more often than you think. When it does, we get nifty little animations signalling our win as the cash sound chimes in before falling into our account.


In order to keep this slot simple, there are no Wilds, Scatters or bonus features. Which makes winning very simple and easy to do. However, each symbol offers its own rewards so it’s worth keeping an eye out for the higher paying ones. For example, the bitter lemon pays out twice our stake before moving up (on the bitterness scale perhaps), with oranges paying out three times, plumbs four times, apples five times, pears six times, grapes seven times and melons eight times our total bet. After we’ve squeezed all we can out of the fruit, the other retro symbols start rewarding us, with Lucky Sevens paying out 20 times our bet, Bars 30 times, Double Bars 50 times and Treble Bars a whopping 100 times! The star of the show is…the Star, paying out 500 times our bet. As we can match three symbols on each individual reel, the chance to win, and the amount we can bag, is massive!


Now we can officially say we’re going to play a ‘fruity’ without having to head down to the local pub. We just fire up Fruity 3×3 on our desktop, tablet or mobile and off we go. The various payouts for symbols keep things fresh and the fact we can win on all nine of the reel sets make it a very interesting experience. Oh, and don’t forget the exuberant amount of fruit on show. Not only do they pay out generously, but they also remind us to have our five-a-day.

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