Monopoly Megaways Slot - Intro Screen
Monopoly Megaways Slot – Intro Screen

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The Monopoly Megaways online slot, as the name suggests, uses the Megaways formula: six reels, with a varying number of horizontal frames; anything from two to seven on each spin. This means the potential winning paylines starts at 64, up to 117,649.

The Monopoly board game is cleverly integrated into the slot. As you spin the reels, winning combinations move you around the board. All the old classics are in play: Community Chest, Chance, Go, the utilities, and all the properties. You add houses and hotels to unlock bonuses. The Megaways engine was originally created by Big Time Gaming and is frequently licensed to scores of other online casino software developers. BTG has wisely decided to keep the Monopoly deal to themselves. They know a sticky looking online slot when they see one.

Monopoly Megaways is great fun to play. It taps into the board game, as it encourages you to spin the reels and pass Go again. Ready to roll? Let’s get that hotel started on Park Lane…

Monopoly Megaways Look and Feel

Monopoly Megaways Slot - Look & Feel
Monopoly Megaways Slot – Look & Feel

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"Monopoly Megaways is well-engineered game that cleverly bridges the gap between board game and online slot. Visually, it’s s trip down memory lane."

Monopoly is an iconic board game. The font, the colours, the layout; it’s all hard-wired into our subconscious. It’s a brand as recognisable as McDonalds and Coca Cola. The look of the online slot is not deviating from this tried and tested successful formula.

When the game launches, a voice announces ‘it’s Monopoly time’. The music is Great Gatsby style roaring 1920s brass band. The six reels sit under the classic Monopoly logo. Across the bottom of the screen, a horizontal strip matches the board game identically.

As you spin the reels, the band kicks off and Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Mr Monopoly, advances his way around the board, activating Community Chest cards, Chance, and more.

On top of the reels, the Megaways indicator tells you – in real time – how many potential winning combos are in play. There is also a list of utilities. These are checked when you hit one.

This is clearly a project that has enjoyed the VIP treatment at Big Time Gaming. When you are tapping into a franchise as juicy as Monopoly, you have to get it right. This was almost certainly in the contract for the licensing deal. End result: it looks great and it is unmistakably Monopoly.

How to play Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways is a game of two halves: it’s both a slot and a board game. As you spin the reels, you also make your way around the virtual Monopoly board, collecting cards and properties.

The slot is an avalanche-style game, with collapsing icons. When you hit a winning combination, the icons disappear and are immediately replaced. This can result in multiple wins from a single spin.

When you win, you also advance around the board. If you land on property more than twice on a single spin, you start to add houses. Collect five on the same property and you unlock the bonus round. You can also pick up the utilities and train stations. These come into play, when you land a bonus. The stations add extra spins, the utilities: multipliers.

If there is a tactic to this game, it is knowing when to stop and when to continue. If you have accumulated lots of properties, scattered around the board, it might be worth staying in the game and spinning on, until you build a hotel and unlock the bonus – with all the additional upgrades.

On the main screen, you can set your total bet from £0.20 to £20. There are also options to mute the sound and start autoplay; the latter only available in certain jurisdictions.

Monopoly Megaways Symbols

Monopoly Megaways Slot Symbols
Some of the Classic Monopoly Megaways Slot Symbols

The Monopoly icons are familiar to everyone who has ever played the game and put in an appearance in the Monopoly Megaways online slot.

The base game icons are the card ranks: nine to ace. There are only five more symbols in the game and four of them come in gold. They are, from top to bottom: the top hat, the battleships, the car, and the little dog. Line up six cars and you win 1.5x your line bet. Get lucky and hit the top hat and you get 50x your stake.

The final icon to watch out for is the wild. This is the letter M. It substitutes for every symbol and appears on reels 2 to 6 only.

There are – of course – many more symbols in the game. Get lucky and you can land Community Chest and Chance cards. They either add properties or award a Max Megaways, where you are guaranteed a crack at the full 117,649 ways to win.

Monopoly Megaways – In Summary

Monopoly Megaways is well-engineered game that cleverly bridges the gap between board game and online slot. Visually, it’s s trip down memory lane to post-Christmas Day lunch playing Monopoly with the grandparents.

This is a lot of fun to play but… and there is a but… it does sometimes take a long time to build up the properties to unlock the Free Spins. This is a shame because the bonus round is great. Of course, you could get lucky and land that “Chance”…

Monopoly Megaways Bonuses

Monopoly Megaways Slot Bonuses
Monopoly Megaways Slot Bonuses

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Spins

There is only one bonus playing the Monopoly Megaways online slot: Free Spins. Unlocking this treat is a little bit complicated. It takes more than three scatters to get your hands on Mr Monopoly’s pot of cash.

Basically: to get Mr Monopoly to move around the board, you need to get winning paylines. To get a house, you need at least three consecutive wins from the same spin. Your third avalanche win, unlocks a house. You must also be standing on a property square. A fourth avalanche wins you two properties; a fifth: three.

If you manage to accumulate five properties, you win the Free Spins bonus round. The multiplier starts at one but is increased for each owned utility. The number of free spins also increases, every time you land on a property with houses.

When you land on owned train stations and utilities, you earn both free spins and extra multipliers. In a nutshell: it’s all very good. Final note: if you are very lucky, you can also win the Free Spins with a Chance Card

Monopoly Megaways FAQs

Monopoly Megaways provides a unique gaming experience by combining the fun of a classic board game with the excitement of online slots. While it might take some time to build up properties to unlock the Free Spins, the game’s overall engaging gameplay and well-executed design make it worth a spin.

Monopoly Megaways uses familiar symbols from the board game. The base game icons are the card ranks, from nine to ace, and four gold symbols – the top hat, the battleships, the car, and the little dog. The game also has a wild symbol, the letter M, which substitutes for every symbol and appears on reels 2 to 6.

As players spin the reels and land winning combinations, they move around the Monopoly board, activating Community Chest, Chance, Go, and acquiring properties. Adding houses and hotels to these properties unlocks bonuses.

The main bonus in Monopoly Megaways is the Free Spins feature. It is unlocked by accumulating five properties, which requires at least three consecutive wins from the same spin. Multipliers and additional free spins are awarded when players land on owned train stations and utilities.

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