When you play Online Baccarat at Casino Kings, the first important thing to recognise about Baccarat is that it was James Bond’s favourite game. Surely that’s all you need to know. Vodka Martini, anyone? Shaken, naturally.


Bearing in mind this was James Bond’s game you half expect to be greeted over the table by a one-eyed evil genius with a perfectly groomed pussy. With graphics like those on display here it’s probably for the best that you aren’t. To say they are basic is an understatement, but what this game brings in simple graphics and clunky sounds it makes up for in easy gameplay.

The idea is that players wager on either their own hand, the Banker’s hand or the event of a tie, with the player or Banker who finishes closest to the score of 9 in three cards or under is declared the winner. If you haven’t played Baccarat before it is worth checking out the help pages to learn the nuances of the game, even if the third party help pages aren’t the most comprehensive or easy to understand. You may find yourself engaging in some Live Chat just to learn the game basics, or you could read Ian Fleming’s back catalogue and pick it up that way.


Baccarat has a minimum bet of 10 credits and a maximum bet of 500 and with these betting minimums it’s not the kind of game to use to build a bankroll, though I guess James never had to worry about that. If you’re new to the game it’s worth playing the free play version first to acclimatize yourself to its workings. The good news is that with only three bets playable at set amounts, the betting structure of Baccarat is easy to grasp and lets you get quickly on your way.

Naturally, the odds of a tie are greater so pay out 8:1, while payouts for player wins and Banker wins are 1:1, less a house percentage when betting on Banker wins (also known in the showbiz community as Noel’s Edge). As long as you know what you’re doing this is as easy as card games come.


With easy to understand betting choices this game is perfect for those newer to online casino games, as long as players first familiarise themselves with the rules of the game. However, the dated graphics don’t marry well with the speedy gameplay, leaving you probably better off with Microgaming’s Gold version of Baccarat. I know James would be.