One of the beauties about online poker is that it is all about what’s on screen, not what’s on your face. Without needing to worry about tells and bluffs, you can cavort around your lounge naked chowing on a brownie sundae for all the computer cares. This mano-a-mano approach means that developers can combine classic poker with the best features of Online casino games, as Microgaming have done here.


Double Bonus poker is a variant of five card draw, with only one initial betting round and one deal before the draw. The five card placements rightly take centre stage as the most important feature of the game, and a payout table of the winning hands sits above the cards. Minimum bet starts at 0.25 credits, with coins ranging from 1-5, and the mechanics of coin and credit combinations are set out to be easily understood. The minimum winning hand is a pair of Jacks or better.

Upon deal, the game will automatically hold the cards it feels are most promising before the draw, but players do have the option to hold extra cards or change the hold preferences before the draw. This feature does bring some skill in to the game, so as you grow in confidence your impact on the game also increases.

If there is one criticism of the game it could be that the graphics and sounds are somewhat dated, but the quick-fire gameplay does make up for that and make it an online poker offering that can stand against the best of them.


With the payout table completely accessible it explains clearly the rewards each coin bet yields. Maximum bets of 5 coins per hand, even at minimum credit bet of 0.25, will land 4,000 coins if a player can scoop a Royal Flush (a payout of 1,000 credits on minimum bet). After a winning hand players also have the option to double or collect their winnings, a kind of gamble feature in which players must choose to pick a higher card than one dealt to them from a choice of four. This is a great way to maximise bonuses and add an extra element to the gameplay.


At first glance this is a dated video poker game, but even the briefest of games will reveal a playable offering with enough bonus features to keep even die- hard poker purists happy. Time to strip off in the lounge, then.