This isn’t just any game of roulette. This is Premier Roulette. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be playing alongside David Cameron and Angela Merkel, just that the gaming promises to be of the kind that would prompt James Bond to loosen his purse strings.

If you haven’t played Roulette Online casino games before but have seen a few movies and thought to yourself, “Pah, this looks easy,” then you need to read on. If you’ve played before but are looking for some all important info about this most celebrated of casino games, then you’re in the right place too.


When you enter the game from the lobby you may be forgiven for wondering why the heck you’ve found yourself in France. Welcome to Roulette, originally La Roulette. Fortunately you don’t need to speak Feench in order to play – the game will translate for you visually. Every aspect of the game-play has seemingly been designed to make you feel at ease, like being able to change the table type to a combination of brown or black wheel with red, blue or green felt. The Undo, Redo, Clear and Repeat buttons are also very handy, while there is also an Expert tab for those feeling more adventurous.

With the option to video zoom – zoom in closer to the action when the ball lands in its resting pocket – and see each win details – a pop up window detailing each spin win – you can customise your gaming experience. In truth, these features tend to slow game-play down and are switched off as default, but every player is different so the best advice would be that which you would provide to a 40 year old virgin on a sure thing: fiddle about with it until you hit something that feels right and then go for your life.


If you click on any of the French bets, Voisins du zéro (neighbours of zero) for example, you will see the minimum chips placed on the board. This is a great way to explore the game and feel your way around the bets, French dictionary notwithstanding, and allows you to build yourself up once you’ve got the hang of the betting nuances.

If you hover the cursor over any of the bets a betting dialogue box appears, giving you an instant visual clue as to the chips you are about to place and the returns you can expect as a multiplier. This visual aid allows you to decide on your best strategy as you feel your way through the game.


With no hard and fast strategies, Roulette is perhaps the easiest casino game to grasp quickly and therefore the true king of the casino games. The jargon is explained clearly, allowing new players to reach spinning speed quickly, while the extra video features help bring you a true casino experience right to your armchair.