Usually when somebody’s referring to a six shooter they’ll be talking about their pistol. But only if they’re a real-life cowboy or living life as if they’re in the Old West. Or someone who watches too many gangster movies. There are some odd people out there. But when we talk about Six Shooter we’re referring to something a lot less lethal and a lot more rewarding – the latest of 1×2 Gaming’s fun dice-based instant win games.


Six Shooter is a dice-based instant win game with style. As the game loads up, we’re taken to a betting table with a nice dark red colour. Already we feel as if we’ve stepped inside a real brick and mortar casino. But, as we’re already dressed in our cowboy outfit, we’re glad we’re actually just sat at home playing Online casino games. The aim of the game is simple. The dealer rolls, we roll and we try to match their numbers.

Before we begin playing we have to make our bet, using the chip selection at the bottom of the screen, anywhere from 10p to £100. Then we press the roll button and the dealer will roll their six dice (ahhh that’s why it’s called Six Shooter) with their results displayed at the top of the screen. Now it’s our turn. Our aim is to match the same numbers the dealer landed and we get nine chances to do so. For example, if the dealer has four fours and two twos (we’re making this easy) then those are simply the numbers we need to match. It’s possible that we can get that on our first roll, winning the maximum prize, or it could take a few more. But it’s that simple. Match up the numbers and become a dice throwing champion.


There are no bonuses on Six Shooter, as such, but as it’s a simple, fun game to play, why would we need any? Complicated bonus features would surely just take away the simple element of the game and make it more complicated and unnecessary. And we cowboys don’t do unnecessary. When we roll our dice, the quicker we match the dealer’s numbers the better. Even better for us, we get nine dice to roll compared to the dealer’s six, further increasing our chances of winning. If we match them all on our first roll, the payouts are 12:1, with 8:5 if we need two rolls, and 1:1 if we require three rolls. If we don’t match any numbers after all our rolls then the dealer wins. But with a generous RTP, it won’t take us long to beat them.


The only problem we’ve had with Six Shooter is the fact that our dice are coloured red…the same colour as the table. Perhaps nice, clean green felt could have worked better? It’s a good job that the dots on the dice are clear bright white. In truth, though, our eyes don’t even need to be on point as the game looks after it for us. But if you want to beat the dealer on a simple dice game, Six Shooter is the game to aim for. Or if you’re a cowboy. Yeehaw.